The Web-Based Grading Project (WBGP)

This web-page describes the web-based grading project at Ohio University.   The aim of
the web-based grading project is to provide a set of tools to help educators build web versions
of graded student assignments in an automated fashion.   These tools are currently available
for dowload.  (See below.)

The main result of web-based grading is a tree of web-pages for each student
project.  The tree consists of grading results in four distinct areas:
  1. Compilation.  Does the project compile, and are there any warnings?
  2. Testing.  What are the results of testing?  In particular, how does the result of the student's project differ from the expected results?
  3. Design.  What design errors are there?  More importantly, how can the student improve their work?
  4. Documentation.  What documentation defiencies are there?  More importantly, how can the student improve their documentation?
In addition, the project provides an interface to MOSS, provides the ability to
generate student portfolios, and provides a means to generate grading reports.

 The web-based grading project is available via the GNU Public License (GPL), and is contained in the following Gzipped TAR file.
Web-Based Grading Project Gzipped Tar File
The software should run on most Linux/Unix based environments (Mac-OS, etc.).

This tar archive contains the appropriate documentation and directions on how to
use the web-based grading project.

Upon running the TCL/TK script, the user sees the following window.
A WBGP Screenshot